Documentary Wedding Photography with the Fuji X100S

February 12, 2014  •  11 Comments

Using the Fuji X100S to Photograph a Wedding

By Paul Rogers

X100s camera at a wedding

There are lots of benefits of using the tiny and silent Fuji X100S to photograph a wedding. Although I mainly use Canon cameras through the wedding day, there are many great opportunities when this little camera is a better option for me. That's usually when I want to get in close to my subjects without affecting their behaviour. Its small size, and silence is what's most important here. But there have been small and quiet compact cameras around for a while now - what makes the Fuji different is the amazing clarity and image quality. These images fit in perfectly with those shot on the larger Canon SLR's, and it's pretty hard to distinguish between them in the finished set.

To prove this point, all of these images were shot on the Fuji X100S. I've used the camera during the preparations as well as when doing the portrait session with the bride and groom. Also over the last year, I've been trying to put my heavy DSLR's in the bag for an hour or so, and just mingle with the guests. The camera and sensor are versatile enough to be able to use it in more or less any lighting conditions, so I can concentrate on recognising great moments and the composition.

These photographs are from three weddings last year - a Destination Wedding in Florence, Italy, a Marquee Wedding in Essex, and another Destination Wedding in Paris.


UPDATE: Have a look at how I've been using a Fuji XT-1 and the 12mm Samyang lens more recently



Oh my GOD! it totally outperformed some of the DSLRs out there. Great job Fuji.
10.Documentary Wedding Photographer
Thanks for the comments,

Rich - I use the standard jpeg setting in the X100S, with no sharpening and -1 on the noise reduction. Then all the processing is done in Lightroom.

Christopher - all with available light. I do sometimes use OCF with the Canons, and it's something I'll explore later with the X100S, maybe with some of my editorial portraits.
9.Christopher Adam(non-registered)
Love this shots!! Great composition, and shows that even a smaller camera can compete with the big DSLRs as long as you put it in the hand of a competent photographer! Are all these with available light, or did you use OCF at any point?
8.Rich Owen(non-registered)
You state you shot as JPEGs. Did you use any of the available filters?

And very nice work. I agree with Paul Marbrook - the photographer's vision shows through here.
7.Keith Nester(non-registered)
Absolutely incredible. Nice work.
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