Wedding Photojournalism with the Fuji X100S

February 19, 2014  •  7 Comments

Wedding Photography with the Fujifilm X100S

By Paul Rogers

There was a good response after last weeks post giving some examples of how I've used the Fuji X100S mirrorless camera whilst photographing a wedding, so I thought I'd post a few more pictures. Again, these are mainly from the preparation and drinks reception, points in the day when I can take my time to concentrate on the composition and not worry too much about being 'reactionary'. 

One of the things I love about using this tiny camera is the fast f/2.0 fixed 23mm lens. Because the sensor is smaller than a traditional 35mm DSLR, the equivalent focal length is 35mm, and the images have slightly more depth of field than a f/2.0 lens would have on it's larger cousin. But for a camera this small, the shallow depth of field is still almost unique. I use that feature a lot in my compositions, framing the subject with natural elements, the depth of field drawing the viewers attention to the subject with less distraction.

Of course, it also means that you can get brilliant results in low light situations as well, though the sensitivity is still not quite up to competing with the Canon 5D markiii.

Again, these photographs are from three weddings last year - a Destination Wedding in Florence, Italy, a Marquee Wedding in Essex, and another Destination Wedding in Paris

Keep checking back here for future posts, where I'll show some of my Editorial Photography for The Times shot with the Fuji X100S.


7.Documentary Wedding Photographer
Thanks Paul, Peter - all the BW’s are processed in Lightroom, more or less the same treatment the 5d3 images get, though slightly different for the colour files. They tend to need a bit more contrast and saturation - I using the most basic jpeg settings in the camera.
6.paul atherton(non-registered)
the more I see of the images from the x100s the more I want one. Lovely stuff - are the b/ws straight jpgs OOC ??
5.Peter Rossiter(non-registered)
Been thinking about getting an x100s for ages and you have convinced me. Lovely B&W conversions do you mind if I ask how you convert your B&W as its something I always struggle with ?
4.Rhea Jackson(non-registered)
I haven't used X100s yet but found it impressive, thanks for sharing its details and photographed snaps.
3.Tor Berg(non-registered)
Yes this really make sense. I'm also using manual focus but I'm trying to keep track of my moving subjects constantly to get the focus spot on. In this way I get a lot of OOF pictures :-(.
I'll try your tip by looking at the scene and also use a smaller aperture setting (but I love the F2) to increase my "in focus" numbers.
Thanks for answering my question in your busy day Roger. Happy Shooting.
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